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    The Printed Word
 Fan Letters to a Stripper: A Patti Waggin Tale"                           SchifferBooks
 No Barrier: How the Internet Destroyed the World Economy (Second Place 2013 Los Angeles Press Club Awards Book Category)
 Al Kabul; Home Grown Terrorist (A Novel) (AMAZON)
 Lancer: Hero of the West - There are SIX novels in the Series.
 The Tattoo Murder, Tales of My Baseball Youth, Beating the Slump
1. Major League Stripper (Reg WGA) (Drama bio) **
2. To Ride With Villa (Reg WGA) (Fiction historical)
3. Reality Sux (Reg WGA) (comedy satire)
4. Chasing Charlie Daniels (Reg WGA) (Fiction fantasy music)
5. Cartel (Reg WGA) (Action Adenture)
6. Cell Phones Ablaze (Reg WGA) (Drama action satire)
7. Mrs. A & The Flowers of Spring (Reg WGA) (Drama)
8. Radio Waves; Mama's Dead (Reg WGA) (Horror thriller)
9. Life Water Lake (Thriller/Horror)
10. Down Radio Road (bio pic-Bob Brill)
11. Illegal Withdrawal (Heist)
12. The Doctor's Inn (Comedy)
TV Pilot: "Breaking News"
** Finalist Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenwriting Competition 2016
                         OTHER WRITING
1. All About Basketball Card Collecting (Product Pamphlet)
2. www.Examiner.com International Affairs Writer (formerly)
Over 1000 published articles from George Washington University Law Magazine to Miami Herald and blogs under Sportsbuy.com, The Brill Report.com and Beckett.com, Lancer: Hero of the West.
 The Spoken Word
Producer: Music Video "Lancer; Hero of the West" 

Produced radio documentaries including two special radio doc's for the UPI Radio Network.

"The Sound of Surf" documented the rise of surfing in America and included many interviews with musicians who helped shape the "Surf Sound."

"JFK: 25 Years Later" in 1988 about the John F. Kennedy murder in Dallas in 1963. This unique look at the story featured an interview with President Gerald Ford who sat on the Warren Commission. 
AVAILABLE WHERE EVER YOU GET YOUR PODCASTS - https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/interesting-people-with-bob-brill/id1364250714?l=en
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